The word griot…is the word for what I do and the role that the filmmaker has in society… The griot is a messenger of one’s time, a visionary and the creator of the future.” – DJIBRIL DIOP MAMBETY


Mizan Media Productions LLC is a multimedia production company that prioritizes fiction and non-fiction narratives from the African Diaspora. MMP also specializes in using the genres of the futuristic, fantastic and imaginative as a way to explore the possibilities of the transformation of society. Founded in 2000 by M. Asli Dukan.


MMP has several media projects currently in development, including a short music documentary, a dramatic biopic series and a youth oriented science fiction series.


SKIN FOLK tells three interconnected stories of people who must confront the psycho-sociological monstrosities that have manifested in their lives and in their communities. Based on the book by NALO HOPKINSON.

Set in an unnamed, crumbling American city and based in Caribbean folklore, this anthology horror film reveals how THE SKIN HIDES THE HORRORS INSIDE US ALL.

Producer/Director: M. Asli Dukan. Going into production in 2020.